Hardware and Software Development

for Electronic PCBs, Components and Systems

In addition to developing customer-specific solutions, our engineers are committed to continuously advancing our own product ranges as well. State-of-the-art measuring and test equipment is available to our developers to this end. Our layout and prototype labs are linked directly to design engineering, so that initial PCBs can be quickly fabricated for the testing phase as soon as the design concept is finished.

High levels of quality are assured by performing audits at regular intervals as part of our quality management system.

R&D Project Sequence:

With preparation of a requirements specification – quality, costs and feasibility are all taken into consideration.

Project Planning
A project plan is prepared and submitted for approval to all involved parties.

Analogue/Digital R&D Hardware
Circuit development at a PC with simulation software, as well as modern CAD and layout systems.

Software Development
Software development in C and Assembler language for common 8, 16 and 32 bit controllers/processors.

Hardware and Software Quality Evaluation
Comparison of targeted and actual results based on the performance specification containing the customer’s requirements: The most up-to-date measuring equipment and test devices are available to this end. 

EMC Pre-Check, Safety Check and Climate Test
Completed electronic components are thoroughly tested at our EMC test benches.
• Climate test
• EMC and safety testing (EN60335 and more)
• Interference immunity measurements, ESD,
   interference emission measurements